We truly value the feedback received from our patients; it helps us maintain the highest possible standards. These are just a few of the comments we’ve received.

Reputation Reviews

I am very grateful to the dentist and his staff through my dental journey. They were very kind and gentle in the care they provided me with. When I had concerns with swelling or pain, they were very prompt in providing me care and medication where necessary. Dr Ash Patel is a genius. Thank you so much. I would recommend him to all my friends and relatives.
— Mrs K K
Hi, I just had my Implant done by Dr Patel. I am very pleased to tell that after Implant it’s new experience to fit and hold denture. Having Implant these are all important benefits:

First of all it holds denture all time in mouth. It helps to eat soft and hard food easily, as Implant denture has no side are up or down moments to it keeps jaw, cheek and face to natural shape. You can laugh, talk and shout without fear. It’s very easy to take off and put it back in mouth. It’s difficult to recognize by others to find out it’s denture. You do not need denture hold and seal cream.

I am very thankful to Dr Patel and his best staff.
— Mr B J
I have been a patient of Dr Ash Patel at Perivale Dental Practice for several years. Dr Ash Patel and his fantastic team: The Nurse, Receptionist, have always been there for me. They are most caring and very professional in what they do. Thanks to Dr Ash Patel my teeth are in very good health. I would strongly recommend Dr Ash Patel to anyone who needs the best care of their teeth to go to Perivale Dental Practice.
— Mrs W S
Dr Patel is a 1st class dentist who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend for both private and NHS work. He has restored not only my teeth but also my confidence. He and his team at Perivale are always approachable, reassuring, efficient and trustworthy. They take the dread out of visiting the dentist!
— Ms L S
After years of neglecting my teeth, I was forced to seek dental advice owing to pain caused by my decaying molar. I had my decaying molar extracted at the Perivale Dental Practice and since then have had regular six monthly checkups. I have also had implants to replace the molars I had lost in the past. My experience of Perivale Dental Practice reception, treatment, aftercare advice is nothing but excellent.
— Mr I P
Having used this dental practice now for over 10 years, I can honestly say that the treatment has been so much more superior to any other practice that I have had to use in the past. To go there has almost been a pleasure due to the staff from the moment you reach reception, to the nurse, and of course Ash the dentist. Ash who in his time has performed several major treatments on my teeth, including in the last 12 months 4 implants (incidentally that were almost painless, even after treatment) I find him to be the most interesting, pleasant and re-assuring of all dentists, who obviously loves his work and is happy to discuss openly exactly what treatment needs to be carried out for the patients benefit.
— Mr A L